Technology brings both challenges and opportunities. Readership is growing rapidly across all digital platforms, and print remains an important part of the overall revenue strategy. Libercus allows you to create, present, manage and update your content throughout the day in one simple interface for ALL publication channels.


More readers are accessing news through mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices. Libercus allows publishers to build as many workflows as necessary to present news content and advertising in the way readers want it. Libercus supports the latest web design standards, including adaptive web design. The Libercus team has the expertise necessary to help your news organization take advantage of the latest trends in digital delivery.


The Libercus e-Delivery platform provides a cutting-edge solution for stabilizing print revenue. Readers want access to the content; however, many still prefer the traditional look and feel of the traditional print newspaper. Libercus e-Delivery provides that look and feel on the screen, while also taking full advantage of online capabilities. With Libercus, your e-Edition isn’t a set of flat images; it’s a fully dynamic web page, which can be edited and updated throughout the day, with full multimedia presentation capability. Readers can turn photos into video with one click. The e-Delivery channel also provides interactive advertising capability. Readers can simply click on an ad to learn more about the advertiser’s product. Libercus e-Delivery makes it simple to bring the best of print and digital to your readers in the same product. You can also track reader behavior and habits using the same methods employed by your website.

Traditional Print

Libercus allows you to build a single workflow for your newsroom, with a dynamic website merging seamlessly with the print news cycle. Libercus provides the essential tools to publish the print edition. Typography, shape libraries, and templates are centrally maintained, allowing for as much flexibility or automation as your presentation requires. Eliminate costly desktop software and time-consuming upgrades. With Libercus, it is not necessary to train journalists in multiple pieces of software to accomplish the single task of getting the news to the readers.
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News publishing is different now.

The revolution is gathering steam. News organizations must join or get left behind.

Libercus is built to meet that demand at lower cost than typical legacy solutions. How?

  • Multi-channel content creation and management: One database, multiple output platforms.
  • Browser-based tools: No software on the user's machine.
  • Fresh design: Modern interface requires minimal training.
  • Modern code base: Developed in C#, using JavaScript and JQuery
  • Maximum efficiency: Every line of code is written with performance in mind.

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