The tool for news, now

REVENUE GENERATION: Search-engine optimization, user profiles, geotagging

CONTENT-FIRST MANAGEMENT: Support for digital-first workflows

PRINT PRODUCTION: Browser-based alternative to desktop software without the high costs

WEB PRODUCTION: Limitless system tailored to your workflow

ADVANCED IMAGE HANDLING: Automation with control

SEARCH: Fast, flexible and reliable

CONGERO™ custom databases: Not just events and classifieds. Your data, your way.

SERMO™ commenting plug-in: Community conversation made easy


A look at some of the features of Libercus

Overall features

  • Replaces legacy systems for web and print
  • Produces desktop, mobile sites and print from one web-based system
  • Write once for all channels
  • All content is contained in one system
  • Can work from anywhere
  • Nothing to support but a web browser
  • Flexible, more efficient workflow
  • Ability to manage assets
  • Custom databases
  • Comprehensive import/export (Libconvert)
  • Multilingual
  • Reduces complexity and increases efficiency
  • Simplifies everything


  • Full range of text editing features
  • Multiple users can edit a story from anywhere
  • Uses templates and shapes to create drag and drop layout
  • Complete flexibility with page design
  • Simplicity of system saves pagination time
  • Replaces expensive desktop software such as Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress


  • Editable templates/themed designs
  • Responsive design/Adaptive content
  • Consistency
  • Flexibility with output/presentation
  • Library of reusable code
  • Access to internal functions
  • More efficient site development
  • Target ads based on content
  • Target ads based on reader


  • Functions as a back-end for mobile apps
  • Responsive design/Adaptive content
  • Integrated video
  • Interactive hyperlinks


  • Get the printed edition on your computer or mobile device
  • Bridge for older users
  • Alternative delivery form
  • Integrated video
  • Interactive links