Congero custom databases

Your data, your way: Congero™.

Congero™ (from Latin, meaning "collect" or "compile") can be used for everything from a simple or advanced classifieds solution, to election results, crime tracking database, commuter travel linkup system, marketplace and more. The easy to use administration interface allows for a quick mastery of configuration and allows you to focus on the end result rather than complex technical configuration. Quickly create databases, content classes, categorization and relational lookup information.

Once the configuration is completed, the finished interface may be accessible to user levels of your choosing. In this way, your configuration is safe from changes by others on your team who only need to use the completed solution. Libercus™ supports one-time imports or regular data updates to present the most up-to-date information to your readers.

All Congero™ databases, of course, can be searched with the high-performance Lucene™ search engine. Make your data more relevant by adding geotagging to your data.

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