Revenue generation

Libercus's online integration with established advertising standards such as Google/Doubleclick, Yahoo, etc., provides a fast, convenient option for revenue generation, and allows you to leverage a worldwide network of advertisers. 

Additionally, reaching your audience through high search engine placement is accomplished easily with robust SEO-friendly URLs.  This increased visibility for all your content translates into more readers and value for your advertisers.

Libercus also allows geo-tagging of all content. Whether your readers provide detailed location information via user registration or provide their location via IP address or GPS-enabled mobile device, targeting relevant editorial content is just part of the value. The geo-tagging engine enables the delivery of geographically relevant advertising to your readers.

Libercus provides the ability to build niche websites and community publishing websites quickly and easily, using geo-tagging, Libercus tags and the integration with the Lucene search engine. Combined with our ability to capture user-generated content, this makes it easy to launch sites in days, not weeks, and leverage existing content and community relationships to provide maximum value to readers and advertisers.

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