Sermo commenting plug-in

Sermo™ (from Latin, meaning "discussion") allows your publication to be the center of conversation for your community.

Sermo™ goes beyond simply allowing users to post comments. Sermo also:

  • Counts comments and displays the count on the article and section fronts and the home page
  • Rounds up and lists stories with the most comments and comments with the highest recommendations
  • Can be configured to allow anonymous comments or require user registration
  • Visual and audio Captcha to prevent robot-generated spam comments
  • Vote comments up/down and sort by most recommended


Sermo™ also supports full moderation with its user management component.

Serm™ is included as a standard component of your Libercus site. It may also be plugged into other content management systems. The system includes pre-built template sets with icons and Captcha audio, which may be further customized as necessary.

Get people talking with Libercus™ and Sermo™.

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